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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Devil Inside

So, watching TV tonight (Yay New Year's resolutions!) and saw an ad for The Devil Inside. This is the latest crappy horror movie to use fake "found footage." (So if you needed another reason to dislike the overrated Blair Witch Project, there you go.)

I have no desire to see the movie, but what caught my eye was the declaration in the ad that The Vatican does not want you to see this movie! 

Yeah, because it's awful.

I wish that the Catholic church would show an iota of humor and self awareness and issue a statement like this:

"The Vatican wishes, in no uncertain terms, to condemn the movie The Devil Inside. Our reasoning has nothing to do with any reasons related to Catholic dogma. Rather, it is an appalling cinematic abortion. (And you know how we feel about abortions!) Really, spend your $13 on tequila or something. (No, it's cool! Water into wine and all that. Just say a rosary afterwards) Anything. Just save your money and give us a little bit as a thank you for steering you clear. (No? Can't fault a guy for trying.)"

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