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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pajama Jeans

The inspiration for this blog. The wife and I were watching the Arrested Development marathon on Memorial Day, and we saw the following ad:

It immediately reminded me of this clip from Seinfeld:

Don’t care for fancy button up pants? Sweatpants not dressy enough for the buffet? Pajama Jeans to the rescue! They are almost Jeggings but not quite Pajamas. DOES ANYONE WANT TO SEE THESE IN PUBLIC?

Were pants that hard to navigate? Hell even if you are a big fat guy, wear a kilt! At least that would be something different. 

At least I don't wear Pajama Jeans...

But, since the ad was on during the afternoon on the high-numbered cable stations, it's apparent the customers of Pajama Jeans aren't really concerned about going out on the town. 

Just settle in on that couch. Oprah is coming on soon.

UPDATE: Of course, now that I set up Google Ads on this blog, the first ad to appear is for... Pajama Jeans. 


Did you ever get the feeling that humanity, as a species, has just given up?

Every movie you see is a sequel to a reboot of a TV show or a comic book. Every fast food meal you eat is designed to kill you with fat and sugar while it dulls your mind. Everything out there seems to have been designed with the motto "Ah, who gives a shit?" as the guiding philosophy.

We have stopped trying.

This space is meant to be a place where examples of our devolution, our slouching towards the adequate, can be documented.

If you have a particularly noticeable example, mail it in or post it in the comments.